Smartphones and Gaming

Nearly everyone with a bit of cash in the country has got a Smartphone these days. Whether it’s one of the fast Google based Android models, or Apple’s money-spinning, ultra-tech iPhones, these devices are the most modern way around to get on the web. They’re not just about browsing either as you can get a number of cool apps that do all manner of functions on your phone.

Games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope have almost superseded the big money titles on the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360. These little games are instantly accessible and can be played almost anywhere, from the train station waiting room to the staff-room at work.

The Virgin Online Casino

Online casinos are jumping in on the action. A number of the top gaming palaces are now providing special Smart-Phone versions of their offering. Rather than using a total casino client like you would on the internet, you download each slot machine or table game on an individual basis. One of the places we’ve been downloading slots from is the superb Virgin Mobile.

If you’re a fan of our site you’ll already know how much we love this superb operator. Virgin are one of the best of the big bunch of online casinos who really know how to treat their customers well. Just click on our links to take you to a page where you can download the front end of their Smart-Phone casino client.

Virgin has clearly done their homework when it comes to game selection. They’ve chosen some of the best slot machines and table games of the moment for you to download to your phone. They’ve got the internet’s favourite progressive slot in the form of Mega Moolah as well as the stalwart IGT classics Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds.

Smartphone Da Vinci Diamonds

As you’d expect, Da Vinci Diamonds is the game we’re most concerned with. Regular players will no doubt want to know if it’s a crystal clear interpretation of the game that caused all the fuss in Las Vegas all those years ago. Well, we’ve play tested this visually cut-down version of the Leonardo inspired slot machine and we’re happy to tell you that it’s a blast.

All the classic features of Da Vinci Diamonds are exactly as they should be. The animations are perfect and the sound effects are exactly the same as you’ll get from the cabinet or online versions of this top slot machine. We even hit the magical free spin round a number of times and won some rather large prizes (we won’t boast about how much) and the best thing about all this? The money that we got to take out at the end was a real as real can be.

One thing we can’t get over with this little cut down version of Da Vinci Diamonds is the fact that you can play it anywhere. In these days of high technology it even sometimes seems like lap-tops are cumbersome bits of kit, and you don’t want to carry one everywhere just so you can game. Now that we can play our favourite slot machine on a device you carry in your pocket, we’re playing it everywhere, from the bedroom to the back seat of the bus.

Bonuses and Promotions

It would be unlike us to recommend an online casino without using our considerable negotiating muscle to grab our loyal, regular visitors a big old slice of bonus action. So in accordance with your desires with managed to grab a special 100% first deposit match for you on deposits up to £25. Don’t worry if you’ve already got an account with Virgin… You can still grab this nice slice of pie if you’ve already got an account there’s nothing stopping you, get out there and start spinning those Smart-Phone reels.