In many people’s opinion, IGT make the best slot games. With titles like Cleopatra, Rainbow Riches and Wolf Run already under their belt, what do they have to offer in the brick breaking stakes? Well, they came up with the game that started it all, the superb Da Vinci Diamonds. It arrived on the casino scene in 2008, immediately causing a stir with its innovative Tumbling Reels feature, becoming an overnight classic. Since then millions of action hungry slot jockeys all over the world have won countless money from its ornate, jewel-encrusted reels.

Da Vinci Diamonds is a classic five reel slot that plays over twenty pay-lines with fifteen stop spaces (the viewable section of each reel). When you hit the spin button however, the reels don’t spin in the manner you’d expect from a ‘normal’ slot machine, with each symbol drifting down into its place. This is accompanied by some excellent slot music that uses minor keys to create an edgy tone that really suits the game well.

The Tumbling Reels Feature

Really, we should mention the most important feature of the Da Vinci Diamonds themed slot before we talk about graphics or bonus games and that’s the patented Tumbling Reels feature. When you score in any combination line win on Da Vinci Diamonds, the symbols that make up that combination will explode allowing the symbols above to fall or ‘tumble’ into the empty spaces. Should these new symbols make new combinations, then the player will also be paid out on these wins too.

Da Vinci Diamonds Graphics

Graphically, the Da Vinci Diamonds casino slot also excites. It uses three main crystal types (ironically none of which is actually a diamond) in the form of rubies and emeralds, as the main reel symbols, alongside famous works of Da Vinci’s including the universally known Mona Lisa. The game itself is set in a beautifully crafted background with coloured gemstones marking out each pay-line. In order for this casino slot to pay homage to the great artist of the renaissance, it really had to provide top visuals and that’s exactly what you get with this well crafted gambling game.

The bonus game on Da Vinci Diamonds is a free spin type game, which is perfect for this kind of slot game as every spin gives you a chance to win more riches with the Tumbling Reels feature. In the ordinary reel game the bonus symbols only appear on the first three reels (and can also tumble in) and you’ll need to stop all three in order to score six free spins to take onto the special free spin game reels.

The Free Spin Game

The free spin game takes place on specially jewel encrusted reels, featuring more wilds and more symbols than the normal reel game. On these special reels it’s possible to hit four or five bonus symbols, adding to the number of free spins you’ve already got on the reels, up to a whopping maximum of three hundred free spins. In addition to this the game adds pearls, sapphires and new works of art to the reels, so that you can really get some big payouts from this feature.

Why We Love Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds represents the epitome of slot design, giving players a super fun reel game to play, although serious players may consider that most of the money in this game has been saved for those special win encrusted free spins. Many seasoned players will claim that the best way to play this slot game is to carefully balance the budget in order to make sure you spin your way onto the all important second screen game. Of course, like all slot games, novice players may prefer a ‘take the money and run’ approach which is perfect for any gambling game, including slots, as many a wise gambler will tell you; it’s often best to leave when you’re winning.