As everyone knows, not only was Da Vinci a great artist, but he was also a great inventor. When he died, he left behind a number of sketchbooks that detailed plans for amongst other things, a helicopter, submarines, flying craft and a machine gun. The man was truly talented beyond his years, although unfortunately he never quite made the same amount of money as some of his peers, such as Michelangelo. Perhaps Da Vinci could have made more cash if he’d been creative enough to come up with the first ever slot machine? No doubt it would have taken the world of Renaissance Italy by storm just as it with late 19th century America.

The Da Vinci Diamonds slot game now has enjoyed two glorious years of success and we think it’s about time it was followed up with a successor slot game and we believe this game should be based around the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. The original slot was created by IGT, who’ve come up with the legendary Megajackpots slots, huge progressive games that take a little of every credit, siphoning the money away to from a massive ever growing life changing prize that can only be scooped by one lucky punter.

We think the Da Vinci Diamonds Megajackpots slot, should it ever be created, should utilise the inventions of Da Vinci as reel symbols and art work. Who knows? There could even be some kind of special bonus second screen game where you had to try to get some of the great artist’s inventions to actually work, such as getting his helicopter to fly and then the higher you flew the helicopter, the more money you got from the bonus… And if you got as high as the stars, then you could win the Megajackpots prize.